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Scarborough Needs a Fighter

For far too long, Scarborough-Agincourt has suffered from poor political leadership.

That must change now.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Agincourt has had a Liberal MP for 32 YEARS!

We need a new perspective, a new representative with new ideas and new energy.


The lockdown was unfair to many small businesses.

We need to reduce their burden.

Lower Taxes on


20% of Agincourt lives on meagre incomes.  Taxes should be lowered on those who make less than $50,000/year.

 Sheppard Public Transit

We've been waiting for decades for a rapid transit line or subway along Sheppard Ave.

Small Business

I'm a small businessman with suppliers across Scarborough. 

Taxes, forms, import/export rules are too difficult.

Drug Use in Public

People are tired of drug use in our parks and on our streets.

The Trudeau government is now starting to legalize other drugs like LSD.

Federal Support for French Immersion

Federal funding to expand French immersion programs in schools to enhance our bilingual character and improve job prospects for youth.

Gun Control

Very tough gun control, especially on criminals who use guns.

Future sales of semi-automatic, military-style rifles should be prohibited.

Pride in Our History

We can recognize new heroes without destroying the old. 

We must stop the censorship of the great leaders who build Canada into what it is today.

Global Warming

Canada must do its part to prevent climate change. 

We need a realistic, robust, and responsible plan to reduce carbon emissions.

Scarborough RT

TTC is planning to shut down the RT with no replacement for years. 

There needs to be a seamless transition to a new RT train or maintain the current one.


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