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November 18, 2020

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the Conservative nomination for Scarborough-Agincourt.

We are all in the long and quiet struggle for a better life.  The problems that confront and challenge us are many and unpredictable—meagre incomes against the rising tide of costs—the safety of our parks and streets—prosperity that passed by too many—the health of our world—an economy that makes planning impossible—lives and livelihoods destroyed by a plague—all threaten our hopes and hard work.  These problems can be worsened by a misguided government or confronted by a wise and confident one.  A Conservative government will have the leadership, competence, and energy to best shape the future of Canada with prosperity and security for all.  

The values of Conservatives are the values of Canadians—trust in people to make their own decisions, freedom tempered by responsibility, the open exchange of ideas and opinions, business is intrinsically good as a means to an end—prosperity—not an end itself, change must be careful, pride in our national heritage, and government is our servant, not our master.

Being a member of Parliament is an important job.  Some people say that members of Parliament have no real impact on their communities nor serve any meaningful purpose.  I disagree.  A good MP not only champions the community in Ottawa but also represents that community.  Some also say that members of Parliament no longer hold real power in Ottawa.  But I disagree again.  Parliament is the forum where ideas are debated, decisions are made, and the course of our nation is charted.  A good MP plays an important role and makes a contribution.  And still some say that it’s foolish for a man to give up the comforts of private life for the uncertainty and harshness of the political arena.  Here again, I disagree.  The importance of the decisions that affect so many requires that they be considered and made by men and women with the perspective, common sense, and wisdom that only time and experience provide. 

I’m a proud middle class Scarborough boy—raised in Agincourt, with family and friends still here.  I married a proud Scarborough girl—raised in West Hill, with family and friends still there.  For twenty years, I’ve been a lawyer in government and business, in different industries.  I’ve held senior roles in large businesses but I’m also a small businessman with partners and suppliers in Scarborough.  And I’m a community volunteer who donates time to the less fortunate.  I grew up in Agincourt but I have lived and worked in other cities in Canada, travelled throughout our nation and to many places elsewhere in the world.  From these experiences, I have seen the resilience, decency, integrity, and aspirations of Canadians.  And from this, I start my campaign.  Please join me.

Mark Johnson


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